Case Studies

Here is an example of our work. 

Client case: Scottish Borders

“I decided to give life coaching a go as I was at a bit of a crossroads and I felt that many aspects of my life were in turmoil. It was like having several knots of wool in my brain that needed a bit of help untangling! Rianda is very warm and soon put me at ease.

“On reflection I was delighted with how far I’d come. I’ve finally signed up to starting a degree later this year, something I’ve thought about for years but never felt confident enough to do. Thanks to Rianda I’ve realised I can do it and should do it for myself! 

“If you need a bit of help getting clarity and moving your life forward onto a positive path, I’d highly recommend Rianda. She has helped me to untangle some of that wool!”

Client Case: South Africa

Via Skype we managed to have weekly sessions. The client started the sessions feeling angry and stuck in work and in life. There was a lack of clear goals. We worked collaboratively to explore limiting beliefs, values and self-doubt. Through a supportive environment, a space to talk and express freely and by asking open and often challenging questions, the client managed to gain insight into barriers and managed to change negative thoughts in positive and empowering thoughts.

Client Comments: 

  • “You ask really difficult questions, but it is good as you really make me think about things.”
  • “I feel less anxious, get less worked up.”
  • “Even other people have noticed a change in me.”
  • “I like using Skype. I find it makes me feel more at ease and it’s easier to talk.”

Client case: Edinburgh

The client approached me and was overwhelmed with all the options she had after retiring from a successful career. Together we explored options, challenged limiting thoughts and she ended up identifying the preferred option.

She identified a clear goal, explored her resources and identified a clear way forward for herself that would suit her and give her quality of life.

Client comments:

“I gained insight into my current situational dilemmas borne of indecision and multiple options. I was able, within the coaching format, to identify my wishes and needs more clearly, without getting caught up in how I have arrived at this point.

 “With Rianda’s help I was able to clarify my motivations and move forward.

“Clarity, excellent reframing, a good sense of humour, and good mental processes.”