Like the best things in life, the services I offer are flexible and adaptable. Working directly with my clients allows us to take time to fully explore personal issues, the environmental challenges and emotional needs. We are not constrained by the number of sessions or time spent together. Step by step, working at the client’s pace, we realise life changing improvements.

Starting with an initial assessment, I will use a variety of approaches that include:

Occupational Therapy 

Achieve a balance and establish yourself as an individual, occupational therapy will:

  • Provide a programme of activities for daily living, giving you a sense of gaining control of your life again
  • Recommend a variety of leisure activities to build confidence and bring enjoyment back to life
  • Assess productivity so you achieve more, whether in work, rest or play
  • Evaluate your sleep and rest situation to ensure you can recuperate as required


Linked closely to occupational therapy, through my transformational (life) coaching we will:

  • Work together to set goals. Starting small, we will achieve wins that ultimately build a better sense of self 
  • Challenge limiting beliefs and barriers
  • Enhance your own levels of commitment and motivation, keeping you on track to help you improve your life
  • Develop a bespoke plan that is holistic to your needs and specific to you

Dementia Care

The challenges of living with dementia are significant and now affect more and more of us. This is a worrying trend that will continue to worsen over the coming years and decades.

These challenges are not exclusively faced by the sufferer, with carers, who are often family and friends, also impacted. I offer a Dementia Care service that considers both sides – therefore greatly improving the lives of everyone: care for client and carer – but I do this on a continuous basis, as the disease progresses, my support adapts to meet the needs of all involved. This is not a fate that is out of your hands – you can make a difference, with the right support.

For the Client

My key aim is to maintain independence for as long as possible, including staying in your own home. Approach includes:

  • Assessment of levels of functioning which is much more comprehensive/holistic
  • Tailor-made programme of activities
  • Memory strategies 
  • Adaptations 

For the Carer

My key aim is to enable the carer to have a quality of life and a sense of balance for them, specifically looking at the management of guilt. Approach includes:

  • Assessing the carer’s specific needs and develop a plan to reach their goals
  • Providing 1:1 and group sessions to enable them to find a balance in life
  • Teaching relaxation techniques (adapted Tai Chi) and anxiety management
  • Design a person-centred program that suits individual needs and enables an enriched life
  • Signposting to relevant agencies and organisations

Hopefully this gives you a general overview of what I can offer, however, if you have a specific question or requirement, please don’t hesitate to contact me.